Catwoman ‘66

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Supergirl #34 - “The Girl Who Feel to Earth”

written by Tony Bedard
art by Karl Moline & Jose Marzan Jr.

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Jupiter Thunderbolt!

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Quentin’s mutation used to have him eating candy bars all the time, but I haven’t seen him munching on candy in awhile. It’s still my headcanon that he eats it whenever he can get his hands on it. Also this beautiful commission by Fusspot!

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"Come here. You’ve got a head you don’t need."

Young Avengers #001

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Sailor Jupiter and Ryuko Matoi have the same voice actress, as if my waifu couldn’t get any better!!!

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sailor moon graphic meme: [1/2] villains

↳sailor galaxia

The legendary soldier? From far ancient times, the war between good and evil, the Sailor Wars carried on. The strongest Sailor Senshi sealed Chaos into her own body to bring peace to the galaxy…there was such a legend. I’d forgotten about it for a long time. That legendary soldier…is me. I am the legendary strongest Sailor Senshi in the galaxy, Sailor Galaxia!

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